Where to eat in Paris?

Amorino ice cream
I’m one of those people who goes to so many cool places & restaurants in all these different cities, who loves to discover her neighbourhood and try new things, but then as soon as it comes to the moment: “let’s choose a place for dinner” or “where do you recommend” my mind goes completely blank. Tabula rasa. Hence I thought it would be a good idea to write a list, not only for myself but also others who are looking for tips on where to go in the culinary epicentre that is Paris.
 So, where to eat in Paris?

LE MARAIS (3rd/4th arrondissement):

I lived here for a year abd for me it is one of the best neighbourhoods in Paris. Here are some of my favourite spots:
Le Dome Du Marais – unless you want to spend a small fortune I’d suggest going for lunch when they have a special price menu and the most exquisite food
Les Elles – Paris is famous for its fusion cuisine and this place is a great representation: French meets Thai. The place is tiny and super cosy, the owner is a huge Asian woman (I think) who will sometimes come out of the kitchen and sit with you at your table for a chat
Appartement Café – cute bar with comfy chairs where you can also play board games while having a drink
Le Dome du Marais, paris
Le Dome du Marais


Candelaria – An awesome hidden bar, you enter through a tiny Mexican café serving up outrageously good guacamole – but come 6pm the back door opens to reveal a cosy cocktail bar lit up by candle light. Drinks aren’t cheap but it has a great vibe to it.
Moonshiner is another hidden bar which on the outside is a Pizzeria called ‘Da Vito‘. So you can have a good pizza and then walk through what looks like their fridge to enter a cool secret bar in the back.
Candelaria, Photo : Kristen Pelou –


– La Mangerie – for a cute, intimate and quirky brunch experience. You must know that brunches in Paris are pretty awesome, because you pay a fixed price (around 20 euros) and usually have juice, unlimited tea/coffee and pastries, followed by a main. Good value for money!
Le Mondiale – This is close to Gare du Nord, perfect if you are heading back to the airport on a Sunday. You pay £25 for an exquisite brunch buffet with everything varying from salads, cured meats, focaccia, pancakes, a vast selection of cakes, fresh fuit.. and unlimited coffée/ hot chocolate, accompanied by  a freshly squeezed orange juice and scrambled eggs with salad (I honestly don’t recommend the eggs though).
La Mangerie, paris
La Mangerie


Hotel Amour – super funky, even has a kind of indoor garden with a glass roof as part of its restaurant, the quirky artwork hints at why it is called the hotel of love: guests can rent a room for even just a few hours and then come down to the restaurant for a cheeky bite. Food is delicious!
Hotel Amour, paris
Hotel Amour
Chez Nous – in the 6th arrondissement serves delicious meat and cheese platters. It also has a massive selection of wines; you just describe what you like to the waiter and he’ll bring you something great.
– Le comptoir general – for some good authentic French gastronomy close to Goncourt in the 19th Arrondissement
– Le temps des cerises – for some good French food around Bastille.
– Marie céleste – around Filles du Calvaire (close to Bataclan)
Chez Plumeau – situated right by the Sacré Coeur cathedral, you’re nice and high up, slightly away from the buzz but still in a beautiful area. I’d recommend going in spring/summer so that you can sit in the outside area which is decorated with fairy lights which emanates a great atmosphere.
Le Garde Robe – Small & cosy, close to the Louvre / Chatelet. Again you explain to the waiter what kind of features you enjoy in a wine and they will bring you a few to try before setting on one. Their platters are also amazing, my mouth is watering just remembering them!
Chez Nous
Chez Nous


Dessance – A place where you don’t need to choose whether you want dessers because dessert IS your dinner 🙂 The whole menu is either sweet or made using vegetables and other naturally sweet ingredients, which result in dishes that can be eaten as a main or dessert. Beware though, it is high class nouvelle cuisine hence has a hefty price tag attached to it!

Berthillon – One of the most famous ice cream spots, located on the Ile st Louis. (Personally I prefer Amorino even though it’s a chain.. but their flower-like structure allows you to have loads of different flavours, even  one in each petal if you like!).

Barthillon, Paris
Barthillon, Paris
amorino ice cream
amorino ice cream
Dessance, paris

Italian living in Paris..?

If like me you’re an Italian living in Paris, although the food is amazing as the French do know their cuisine, you may be craving a taste of home, so here are a few suggestions of the best Italian places I found during my year there:
O’Scia for some amazing proper Napolitan pizza. All the waiters are Italian too 🙂
– L’Osteria dell’anima for good pasta, ravioli, kinda home cooked food
There are so many more…literally thousands of great restaurants! f the above wasn’t enough, The Telegraph also has a pretty awesome ‘fashionable’ guide to Paris.

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