Day 4 part 2: A night in a tree house

Tree house, romantic holiday

I think that all children dream of having a tree house. Their own little space to escape the world, be high up and among the trees and animals, where your imagination is the limit and no one can tell you what to do.

Well, 26 years later, that dream came true. We discovered Basoa Suites – a series of double suites built high up in the stunning Oak trees of the Amati forest, around 30 minutes from Pamplona. It is truly incredible, I felt like I was in a fairytale. Have you ever wanted to sleep in a tree house?

You stay in this cute little house, with the bare essentials: a double bed, a sink with jugs of water (no running water of course), a little table, lounge chairs for our terrace outside and most interestingly, a ‘dry’ toilet outside, meaning that there is a mini shed with a toilet seat and black bin bags inside and you just throw sawdust on top. I felt a little bit like a rabbit 😀 but it is all to be eco-friendly and not install pipes in the forest. They then have the main area with the reception and restaurant, well equipped with showers, bathrooms, towels, etc, even shampoo and hair driers!

tree house
Basoa Suites tree house



Basoa Suites Tree Houses
Suite Beigorri – Basoa Suites Tree Houses
tree house
tree house


There is no electricity in the tree houses, so they give you these little lanterns that give off quite a lot of light, as well as a few candles, which coupled with the rain softly falling outside, all definitely added to the magic and romance.

What to do for food you may ask? When we finally found a supermarket we bought supplies to last us a about a week we were so hungry, so our dinner consisted of a candle lit picnic up in our little tree house, sipping red wine and eating local cheese, fuet, Spanish olives, tortilla… It was amazing. I’d definitely recommend it, but if you want a proper meal, you can just go to the main area of the residence.

In the morning we heard a man calling the name of our suite, which meant that breakfast was ready. This was one of my favourite things: it arrived in a weave basket which he attached to the rope and pulley that we had outside our tree house and we had to hoist it up!

tree house
NO Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 22.58.19

Not only, but it was the best breakfast we had during our entire holiday. All their meals are made with locally sourced natural products, and served in the cutest little jars. A jar with muesli, fruits and honey, one with orange juice, thermos with coffee, an omelette, bread and jam… It was perfect.

tree house breakfast



I honestly didn’t want to leave our tree house, it was quite sad to go. This was definitely one of the best experiences, something I’ll never forget. We read some of the thank you notes people had left in the booklet in our tree house and the first page actually talked about how the girl had arrived empty handed and was leaving with a ring on her finger and a wedding to plan! Smart guy, this is a pretty idyllic place for a proposal.

We also said a little thank you 🙂



Spain tree house

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