Jersey Island, not shore!

A few months ago a friend of mine suggested to spend a weekend in Jersey. One weekend to fly to the States I said: “that’s a little ambitious / insane!” She laughed and said no silly, it’s an island that belongs to Great Britain!

You’d never hear of it either? Hopefully I’m not the only one whose head goes straight to guidos and fake tan when I hear the name.. thanks Jersey Shore!

So a couple of weeks ago I took a 40 min flight from London to Jersey Island and WOW, it beat every expectation or lack of that I had.

Jersey Island


Who knew that somewhere so beautiful was part of the UK?! Bright blue, crystal clear sea, cute white houses, palm trees, flowers everywhere.. and most importantly, no chains (McDonald’s, Pret, Costa..), no masses of construction, no chaos. Just pure nature and serenity.

I loved every moment of it. We only stayed one night and two days, and although I would have happily prolonged my stay, it wasn’t too short either. The island is tiny! We rented a 7 seater car so we could all fit and in the 2 days we had managed to see most of the island. The best thing is that you can just pull up wherever you please, park anywhere and wonder into the wild.

Jersey Island

Jersey Island, beaach

jersey water



Have you ever been to Cinque Terre in Italy? Because that’s was Jersey reminded me of. We found little paths that went up, through the woods and high up onto a cliff, to then meander back down to the coast, exactly like the footpaths that connect the beautiful villages along the coast in Italy.

We rented an apartment and were able to have our own BBQ which was great, but I’ve heard that the gastronomy is quite fantastic, uniting the British and probably more appealing to most palates, the French 🙂 France is literally round the corner, while standing on a few of the cliffs we could see the French coastline not far away.

So if you’d like a small break in the sun and far away from the crowds and buzzing, maybe fancy doing some surfing but have a small budget, Jersey is the place for you!


Jersey Island jump

Jersey UK




jersey sand

jersey love

jersey sunset jersey harbour

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