Day 5: Explore Zarautz & Getaria

Getaria, Basque Country, Spain

The good things about the Basque Country is that everything is incredibly close. You never really need to drive more than 45 minutes to get somewhere new & pretty.

You can basically go city hopping along the coast and it won’t take you more than 15-20 min in between cities: San Sebastián, Zarautz, Getaria, Zumaia..

Pais Vasco map

A great surfing spot, with its windy beach and good waves for learners. Not exactly your chilled location if you want to sunbathe as you will be fighting against your hair and sand all over! But there are plenty of surfing schools if you’re keen for a lesson. You can also kite surf.

Kite surfing, Zarautz
Kite surfing in Zarautz





Very pretty and has a beautiful beach, which even though only about 15 minutes away from Zarautz, is protected from the wind. They also have some amazing ice cream shops! Being part Italian, you can take my word for it, I’m not easily pleased 🙂

I can also vouch for the people being extremely friendly, since while having our little picnic and soaking up the view, my boyfriend got a bit carried away by his hunger and while trying to open a pack of chorizo with our little knife, almost sliced half his finger off. It was a pretty deep wound and within seconds there was blood all over the place.. I started running frantically around the little town centre looking for an open Pharmacy but of course it’s Spain, no one works between 12:30-3:30 so everything was shut. Luckily, I found a lovely old man who randomly had plasters in his fanny pack and was more than willing to give a whole bunch of them.

Travel tip: Pack a little first aid kit or at least some plasters! Remember that almost everything is shut in Spain between 12:30/1 to at least 3:30 or even 4, so buy all necessities before hand!


Getaria beach

Getaria beaches

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