Day 8: The Biarritz Wedding!

Wedding, Biarritz

Although it didn’t necessarily feel like it, the trip so far was kind of a lead up to the big occasion: my friend’s Biarritz wedding! The fact that I had managed to plan such a beautiful added holiday around it was just an added bonus. It was funny when the other guests discussed how they had had to leave work a little early or how they had crazy journeys in order to get the best deal and when they asked us we were like: actually, we’ve been on a road trip for the past week! I think I’ll try and plan a holiday put of all future weddings if my bank account lets me 🙂

The Ceremony

Took place in the pretty little St. Charles Church, part in English and part in French given that the priest was a local. I of course cried like a baby when the bride and groom read poems to each other that touched everyone’s hearts.

bride & groom, St Charles church
The bride & groom at St Charles church



Just Married
Just Married

The bride and groom where then swooped away to our next location..

wedding car

Cocktail Reception an the Hotel Du Palais

Just to give you some background, that same morning we had a bit of an explore of Biarritz since that was our last chance to see a bit of the city and at one point walked by this absolutely magnificent building which looked like a luxury hotel, right along the beach. I even stopped and took pictures because it was so beautiful, the garden full of statues and flags, and I’d commented I wonder who has the luxury to stay here..

Little did I know that that was exactly where we were heading after the church ceremony! So I was evidently mind blown when we walked straight through the gates as guests and into their main room, stunningly decorated with paintings and chandeliers, with a view of the sea.

I discovered that Napoleon had this hotel built for his second wife and is the most prestigious location in Biarritz.

Hotel du Palais - Biarritz
Hotel du Palais – Biarritz

Hotel du Palais - Biarritz

Hotel du Palais, Biarritz

We had a wonderful champagne reception there, which considering we had not had lunch, went down incredibly easy, as did the gazpacho and the other canapés! We were also so lucky with the weather, which up until the day before was giving storms on the Saturday and instead was warm and sunny, albeit windy which resulted in quite a few wardrobe malfunctions on my side (the split in my dress was stupidly down the middle rather than on the side so you can imagine..).

ESCP girls
ESCP girls
love in red
happy couple in red


We then had two coaches come pick us all up and take us about 30 min away to the beautiful Château d’Arcangues – a castle in the countryside where the full wedding reception was held. The locations were honestly one more amazing than the other, I was simply speechless!

The Castle: reception & dinner at Château d’Arcangues

Château d'Arcangues
Château d’Arcangues

chateaux, biarritz

Château d'Arcangues library

The jazz band
The jazz band

I’m not sure if it was on purpose or not, but there was at least a 2 hour gap between our arrival and the dinner and the fact is that with the free flowing champagne, wine and vodka, I think that a good portion of the guests (me included) kind of forgot about the dinner.. As you can imagine, having had not much more than gazpacho and a few canapĂ©s since that morning, we all proceeded to get quite tipsy! But it all just added to the fun and socialising 🙂

We were then seated for our delicious dinner in the marquee which was perfectly decorated up to the smallest detail. We were sat at random, with all people we didn’t really know, but the bride being Polish added a little personal touch to each table: a full bottle of Vodka. The rule was that after every speech everyone had to take a shot. Damn. What a night!

wedding tables

wedding seat

wedding speech


…And we then proceeded to dance the night away until 3am!

first dance

What a fantastic wedding! It was so great to see such a happy couple promise to spend their lives with one another. I’m guessing it was all Klaudia ever dreamt of because it was without a doubt the most stunning wedding I’ve ever been to!

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