Day 7: Breathtakingly beautiful Biarritz

Biarritz, beach, France

We’d already been road tripping for a whole week when it was time for the cherry on the top of our beautiful vacation: the wedding in Biarritz! Now I know for a fact that not only Indian weddings last for days, because Klaudia and Maximo’s wedding celebrations lasted for 3 full days! Now that’s what I call a good party 🙂 Let me take you through our fun-filled weekend.


On Friday we crossed the border into France; only a 40 min drive from San Sebastián, Saint Jean de Luz is the first little town that you come by right on the border. We stopped briefly to have lunch but were soon completely put off once we saw the prices. Coming from Spain, they were absolutely disproportionate! A salad for €16-16?! We’d just had a 3 course meal with a bottle of wine for €19 the previous day so we were having none of it. We opted for a quick walk around and to then go straight to Biarritz and explore. It’s a cute seaside village but honestly quite disappointing after all the beauty we had seen.. overpriced, everything shuts for a few hours around lunch time and just quite dead.

Travel tip: avoid eating in Saint Jean de Luz – buy food in Spain and have a picnic or just head somewhere else!

Saint Jean de Luz, France
Saint Jean de Luz – France

Saint Jean de Luz

Biarritz on the other hand is a whole different story. I just immediately fell in love with the place. Even driving in you start to be amazed by breathtakingly beautiful buildings and an air of ‘chic’ which it is renown for. We made our way to our cute little hotel Anjou, right in the centre, where we had a nice little room with a view of the sea and where the staff is extremely helpful.

Hotel Anjou, Biarritz
Hotel Anjou – Biarritz

hotel Anjou

We had a few hours to go before our dinner with all the other guests, so we decided to go for a wander around this beautiful city. I was absolutely fascinated by the stunning architecture, the grandeur and elegance that prevails throughout. The city is also walkable, with several lovely beaches, as well as small cobble-stone streets full of exquisite restaurants, ice-cream shops, chocolatiers, bakeries, food markets, bars.. I was like a kid in a candy store, I wanted to try it all!


Biarritz coast

Biarritz coast

Biarritz Castle

Food Market, Biarritz
Food Market – Biarritz

Since the bride (Klaudia) is Polish and the groom (Maximo) is Argentine, you can already imagine the culture cauldron that we had going on, with people who had flown in from all over the world! So the wedding celebrations kicked off on the Friday night with a welcome dinner for everyone to meet, get introduced, catch up, etc which I thought was brilliant. The location they chose was a place called Le Surfing – a bar & restaurant perfectly located right along the beach, where we enjoyed sangría and tapas just before dinner, as well as the breathtaking sunset.

The evening was warm and beautiful – definitely the best way to start the wedding weekend and for the guests to appreciate what an amazing place they had come to from near and far. It was also incredibly peaceful to watch people surf in this beautiful lighting. As we walked back to our hotel we also stumbled (literally) on a hedgehog which we placed back in the safety of the bushes before he could get trodden on!

Le Surfing view: Plage de la Cote de Basques
Le Surfing view: Plage de la Cote de Basques
sunset in Biarritz
sunset in Biarritz

sunset in Biarritz

Biarritz sunset



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