Climbing Mount Batur – Sunrise on top of a Bali volcano

sunrise volcano, bali
breakfast, Mount Batur, Bali
breakfast on Mount Batur

I have to tell the story of another of our Asia trip’s highlights: climbing a volcano during the early hours of the morning so that we could catch the sunrise whilst having breakfast.

My best friend had spent some time in Bali and a lot of what we did was thanks to her recommendations. We didn’t have too much time, but we wanted to fit in as much as possible in our 10 days. Forget the whole partying and chilling by the pool (although we also did that), those who know me know that I’m a hyperactive tourist. Holidays are the few times I proactively wake up early so that I can fit as much into my schedule as possible. I hate the feeling of wasting time and I revel in that end of day exhaustion that is just the culmination of an awesome day of exploring.

Mount Batur was no different: we were staying in Amed where we did some incredible diving and booked a tour to climb the volcano with The Trip Guru who were very accommodating and offered to pick us up from Amed directly so that we didn’t have to go to another city. Pick-up was at 3am, meaning we only had a few hours sleep before we were tasked with trekking up the volcano. I must admit the trek itself was much easier than I had expected – I was still out of breath but people had told me it was incredibly hard, however I think Colombia had prepared me for the worst! We were at the top in about an hour an a half and that was with me stopping to rest several times because as we all know, I’m unfit.

Once we reached the top we had breakfast that our guide had carried up, which to our delight included coffee and then boiled eggs and banana on toast (strange but did the job). We were sipping at our coffee just as the first rays of sunlight started to shine through the clouds until suddenly we were enveloped in golden light. It was breathtaking. The feeling of being so far up, the clouds surrounding us and nature all round was incredible. Finally it also started to warm up and the wind died down a little. We stayed a while to soak in the view, before slowly making our way back down.

mount Batur by night, Bali
Mount Batur by night, Bali

sun rising on Batur, Bali

Mount Batur, sunsire tour, Bali

sunrise, Bali, mount Batur

sunrise on Mount Batur, TripGuru
Sunrise on Mount Batur, TripGuru

Love at sunrise, Bali, volcano

dawn, Bali volcano

view on Batur Volcano, Bali

bali, love, volcano

Bali, volcano, sunrise, tripguru

When we thought the day couldn’t get any better, our guide then told us that the tour also included a pit stop at a spa! And not just any spa, a stunning multi-pool, beautifully laid out by a huge lake. As we lay out in the sun, the warm thermal water hugged our muscles, sore from the hike.

When we’d had enough of pruning about in the spa, we were taken to a coffee plantation to try some of the famous Kopi Luwak coffee, made from coffee beans that the Luwak animal has eaten, digested and pooped out. Not quite your usual appetiser, however we had to try it! I must say, I don’t really understand what all the hype is about because I prefer a good old cappuccino! The best part was tasting the other coffees & teas: white chocolate, vanilla, cocoa, chai, ginger…

I loved every part of the day. I think lots of people consider Bali to just be a party island, but as you can see there is much more! I highly recommend TripGuru and taking some time while in Bali to do this incredible trek.

Bali spa, mount Batur
Bali spa in Batur

spas in Bali, holidays

Bali, thermal spa

thermal spa, bali
Thermal baths, Bali
coffee plantation, Bali, indonesia
coffee plantation, Bali
grinding coffee beans, bali, indonesia
grinding coffee beans, Bali
coffee tasting, Bali
tea & coffee tasting

hiking in Bali, Batur

mount Batur, Bali hiking

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